Our #MakingTime series documents the company culture at LEONIDAS. These images offer insights into our daily lives. Where we go, what we do, what inspires us, and what commands our attention along the way.

At Leonidas, we are as inspired by our heritage, as we are by popular culture, and the sub cultures that lie within. On a daily basis we find our thoughts hijacked, disrupted, stimulated and encouraged by the world around us - it's how we stumble upon our ideas. From colour palette to choice of font, these daily observations stoke our creativity.

A Bentley radiator grill, the red elevator at The Savoy (part 1), an Eames chair, a pair of 1986 Adidas Patrick Ewings spotted in NY, a sunset in Biarritz, a Porsche 917 in Berlin, dinner at Arpege, the Air Jordan 3, Dr No, our CEO's pyjamas (part 5), rescuing Conch shells in Cuba (part 4), product testing in Canada, skin diving in Bermuda, The Last Dance, Antibes.

All of the above have started a conversation, entered our thoughts, or directly inspired the development of a timepiece (or facet thereof).  The rear spoiler of a Porsche 917 inspired our house buckle. The 5024 is inspired by Connery in Dr No. The Biarritz by a beautiful sunset after the perfect weekend in the Pyrenees, the 450m by a breathtaking drive along the D2564 in the Cote d'Azur.

These slideshows are created simply, using photographs and screen grabs from our personal cell phones. Whether traveling to meet suppliers, shopping, product testing, hopping on a plane, getting lost in a new city, having dinner with friends (or dinner alone), web browsing, reading a novel or watching a film. Whatever it is we have been #MakingTime for - these chronicles maintain a record of time well spent, and serve as a reminder, to always be present.

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